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Dr. Mounier and Dr. Lahr aimed to understand how enigmatic fossils from around Africa are related to modern humans. The researchers developed mathematical techniques to compare the structure of the skulls, searching for evolutionary links.


Recent public filings have shown that it largely exhausted a million line of credit that was guaranteed by the deed to its Fairfax, Va., headquarters, and borrowed against insurance policies taken out on its executives. Oliver North, who departed this year as the N.R.A.’s president in an acrimonious leadership fight, has said that the organization’s legal bills, running between .5 million and million a month from its main law firm, have created an “existential crisis.”

Typically, though, it has taken outright recession to cause unemployment to rise across a range of industries in America. Aside from one mild instance in the mid-1990s, the headline jobless rate has not jumped without an actual downturn in recent business cycles.

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Background: Israel seized the West Bank from Jordan during the Arab-Israeli War of 1967. Most of the world considers it occupied territory and Israeli settlements or annexations there illegal.

Miller was a late addition to the lineup after shortstop Jean Segura was scratched because of the death of his grandmother.

“Madness,” the hairdresser opined.

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Even outside of his neighborhood, where he is known to help collect the garbage and carry out other civic-minded duties, Mr. Jagsch is a well-known face of the N.P.D. He is deputy head of its state chapter in Hesse, has run for Parliament and in state elections, and has sought to become mayor of Altenstadt, the larger town of which Waldsiedlung is a district. Efforts to contact Mr. Jagsch via Facebook were unsuccessful.

HONG KONG — A pro-democracy demonstration on Sunday near the United States Consulate in Hong Kong quickly devolved into vandalism and street chaos, suggesting that protesters were not mollified by a recent concession from the city’s leader.

Another reason for a visit is that some colleges give weight in their admissions review to a student’s apparent level of enthusiasm, as shown by a campus tour or other contact with the institution.

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Another practice also concerned some Seamless employees after the merger and has recently come under scrutiny: Grubhub’s system for determining whether a phone call made through the app has generated an order.

Last year, the first 10 episodes of “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening’s new animated series “Disenchantment” introduced Princess Bean (voiced by Abbi Jacobson), a fantasy heroine who prefers debauched partying to handsome princes. Partly a parody of sword-and-sorcery clichés, and partly an embrace of what makes the likes of “Game of Thrones” and “The Lord of the Rings” great, “Disenchantment” differs from the other Groening shows in that it tells one long story, broken up into shorter adventures. The next 10 chapters — ostensibly the second half of season one — debut this month, with 20 more already set to appear on Netflix in 2020 and 2021.

Curtis Rush contributed reporting.

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“It was focused on the core, long-standing, working-class Democratic constituency that makes up a huge piece of the population in those counties,” said Mr. Blaine, adding: “We had to persuade them not that Dan Bishop is the Republican, but the guy who would look out for them.”

Yet no amount of violence has shamed our Republican governor nor his right-wing lieutenant governor, Dan Patrick, into action. In the wake of the El Paso massacre, which killed 22 and wounded 28 in early August, both flew to the desert city for a memorial. In front of scared, grieving crowd of thousands, Mr. Abbott offered up a gruel of pure drivel: “We still cannot comprehend the evil that struck El Paso.” The crowd, fully aware of the killer’s hatred of Latinos and his AK-47, responded with a leaden golf clap.

Mr. Churchill and Ms. Rogers are scheduled to marry on Oct. 19, and he said that they plan to have a wedding ceremony that day in any case. Whether they will officially have a marriage license that day remains an open question, but he said he was hopeful that the state would act before then to change the law.

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Then Brandon Nimmo roped a triple into the right field corner and he pointed to the sky to thank his God, and the Mets led, 2-0.

“I really approve of the aspirational statements,” he added, a little wistfully.

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“The State of New York has been going around saying they have the strongest sexual harassment policies in the country,” Ms. Marquez said. “But when it comes to their own employees and how they treat them, suddenly they are not an employer.”

The current Spain and Argentina teams, in truth, are lacking the depth and dynamism of their best teams, which gave some loaded United States rosters major scares, or worse, as far back as Argentina’s surprise run to the gold medal at the 2004 Olympics in Greece.

By drifting with the ice, the expedition should be able to obtain data throughout the annual cycle of sea ice growth and melt. “That’s one of the great things about Mosaic — we’re kind of nested there for the year,” she said.

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