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He turned toward the cathedral: “And I am looking at it now.”


Mr. Putin suggested Russia might welcome a revival of multilateral talks on North Korea, known as the six-party negotiations, which have been dormant for a decade and were previously derided by Mr. Trump.

During what turned out to be Dr. Walker’s final year, Elena Dubinets, the vice president of artistic planning and creative projects at the Seattle Symphony, came across interviews in which he had discussed “Visions.” When arrangements for the premiere elsewhere fell through, she expressed interest in having it in Seattle.

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They were at the top of their fields when they met in the 1990s: Mr. Ma, a superstar cellist; Ms. Wu, the world’s leading pipa player and a tireless ambassador for that lutelike Chinese instrument. Living in the same small Boston suburb, they became quick friends and colleagues; they’ve played together at the White House and with Mr. Ma’s Silkroad Ensemble.

Several hours later, a Hells Angels biker climbed the tower and threatened to bash his head with a pipe wrench and toss him off the tower if he didn’t come down. Since he’d used up all his film by then, Mr. Owens happily obliged and slowly made his way back to his motorcycle to go home. As he later wrote: “People fighting on sound towers only happens in the movies, and the good guy wins. Reality is different.”

The newlyweds would eventually call a cab for Irina Klionsky, 82, and escort her back to her SoHo apartment, where she and Mr. Olidort manage her husband’s art estate. It was also the place where Mr. Olidort proposed to Ms. Aloni in March 2018. (Mr. Olidort said he hoped to put together an exhibit in the near future of Mr. Klionsky’s works, several pieces of which have never been on public display.)

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Outkast, ‘Rosa Parks’ (1998)From “Aquemini”

Inspired by Lindy West’s memoir of the same name, “Shrill” stars a revelatory Aidy Bryant as a woman who reaches her breaking point. Annie has a decent job at an alt-weekly in Portland, a fun live-in bestie (Lolly Adefope) and loving parents. But her regular hookup, a slacker with a podcast, makes her leave out the back door, and her boss mockingly disparages her weight. Annie is already a grown woman, so “Shrill” isn’t exactly a coming-of-age story. But over the course of the season, it tracks Annie’s dawning realization that she’s been holding herself back from enjoying her life to the fullest. The show hits the sweet spot between funny and emotionally affecting, and its six half-hour episodes breeze by.

Pine Ridge is a place accustomed to struggle, and its people have had well-publicized battles with alcoholism and teen suicide. Half the reservation’s residents live in poverty, according to the Census Bureau, and the unemployment rate is 20 percent, compared with about 3 percent for South Dakota as a whole. Many people on Pine Ridge live in aging houses a mile or more from a highway, and some depend on wood-burning stoves to keep warm.

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Known by some newspapers as “America’s most celebrated pedestrian,” Emma Gatewood was the first woman to hike the Appalachian Trail by herself in one season — as a great-grandmother, at the age of 67.

Then, on Feb. 18, 2004, a soldier shot me in the back. It happened in front of my father and three United Nations officers who had come to investigate our situation. We were standing in front of the house, and for no apparent reason, an Israeli soldier shot me. (The army said he claimed to be aiming at a suspicious car, but there was no suspicious car.) I was 15. For the first time I saw tears in my father’s eyes. I could not believe it: They had finally gotten to him.

Before 20 minutes of “Iceman” have passed, we’ve already seen an agonizing birth, multiple deaths and a generous amount of raping and pillaging. Despite the lack of understandable dialogue — the setting is prehistoric and the characters’ language is extinct — we can, as promised by a note at the beginning of the picture, easily follow the unsubtitled narrative. Less clear is why the German filmmaker Felix Randau would have the imaginative idea of reconstructing the possible final days of Europe’s best-preserved mummy, only to give him such a basic plot.

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The Clippers produced three web episodes of the “Bobi + Tobi Show” focused on the pair’s friendship and foibles. They took a SoulCycle class together. They attempted a dance lesson. The fun continued in Philadelphia, where a TV station did a quiz show segment with them, focusing on trivia about their new city. Neither could pronounce “Schuylkill.”

In an age of specialization, Ferrell is about as versatile as they come at defensive end. He can be effective against the run while also finding his way to the quarterback with relative ease, and there’s no reason to believe he couldn’t start right away. His ceiling is somewhat limited based on a lack of inside moves and conditioning issues that have seen him wear down as games go along, but his floor is very high.

America’s glaciers are losing ice as the world warms. That’s disrupting habitats for fish, insects and even bacteria. Our climate reporter and a photographer traveled to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska to see how glacial melting is affecting the natural world. Climate

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Kail had read Wasson’s book as soon as it was released and had bought a copy for the “Hamilton” choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler as an opening night gift. When Kail learned that “Fosse” had been optioned, he and Lin-Manuel Miranda approached FX and joined the project in the summer of 2016 as executive producers. That fall he met Levenson, who wrote the book for “Dear Evan Hansen,” at a “La La Land” screening.

And the House overwhelmingly passed a resolution calling for the report to be made public — a largely symbolic move to pressure Mr. Barr publicly to release it.

Last year, another team of scientists digging in a different cave on Luzon found the bones of a butchered rhinoceros. Near those remains, they also discovered stone tools dating back 700,000 years.

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Woodfox spends the first sections of his uncommonly powerful memoir, “Solitary: Unbroken by Four Decades in Solitary Confinement. My Story of Transformation and Hope,” objectively detailing his young life of crime. This is not easy reading. What life did not give him, he was determined to take.

As Election Day neared, the doctors continued to fan out in support of Mr. Maduro.

Writing on Twitter, Peru’s current president, Martín Vizcarra, said that he was “dismayed” by the death of Mr. García, who served one term from 1985 to 1990 and another from 2006 to 2011. Mr. Vizcarra joined many Latin American leaders in expressing their condolences to Mr. García’s family.

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